Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello Spring!!

Ah....the first day of spring! How wonderful, or not. I feel fat, but whatever. Jonah asked to plant something yesterday and I thought that sounded like a pretty good way to welcome in the spring season. We went to Home Depot and picked out a bunch of random things. We brought them home and stuck them in dirt. We'll see how that works out.
Emma did most of the work, with me coaching from behind the camera. Jonah and Jaden were more interested in the watering part of the planting process. Eventually Jaden lost all interest and wandered off to play with a ball and hang on trees.
We planted "flowers" in the pot for next to the front door. I have no idea what kind. The kids just picked what they liked. Then we planted peas from seeds which was fun. Emma was surprised to see the pea seeds were acutally peas. Emma planted a tomato plant. She loves tomatoes so she's hoping that one will actually fruit. Then Jonah planted some zinnia seeds. I love zinnias! There is a strong probability that all or most of these plants will be dead in a month, but we are going to give it our all. If anything grows you'll definately be hearing about it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

All By Myself

So, it's Sunday morning. I just woke up. My brain is a bit foggy due to the new med's I'm on. I can't believe I woke up to a quiet house. I'm always thankful when I get to wake up naturally. I'm usually awakened by an annoying alarm clock, or Lee and most often it's Jonah whining that he "wants" me. I think I'll pry myself out of bed and go wake up the kiddos.

Wait a minute. The house looks different. People have definitely been up. I can see toys have been played with, food has been eaten.... hmmm.... what time is it anyway? 11:30 am???? WHAT? How in the world did I sleep until almost noon? I'm going to check upstairs. No one is here. The clothes I set out for the kids to wear are gone... well, except for the J's shoes. I wonder where they are and what's on their feet? Wow. What kind of mom am I? My family has potentially been abducted by aliens and my first concern is if my toddlers are committing a fashion faux pas. Jeez. I think I'll leave that out when I'm being questioned by the authorities. I just checked and the Excursion and the Expedition are both gone. I'm guessing it probably wasn't aliens. I know they've been known to snatch up people, but I'm not aware of them beaming up Ford trucks so I'm going to cross "alien abduction" off my "what happened to my family" list. So that pretty much only leaves one possibility. They went to church without me. That is so weird. Almost weirder then being taken by martians.

I think I'll pick up the kitchen and eat a bowl of raisin bran. I love cereal. Seriously. I was just thinking the other day that I could probably eat a cereal only diet and it would be both nutritionally sound and yummy. I could have Raisin Bran for breakfast, Cinnamon Life for a snack, Kashi Go Lean for lunch (I love how much protein they manage to pack in to that cereal) and then for dinner something like Frosted Mini Wheat's or a tasty granola. Then if I need a dessert I could always have a bowl of Coco Puffs or whip up some Rice Crispy treats. (I have serious issues with Rice Crispy treats. I'll have to tell you about it some other time.) But anyway, I think you get the point. I like cereal. A lot.

Lee just called. He has three of the kids, Britt has one, and one is at a friends house. He thought I needed to rest. That was sweet of him. It did freak me out a bit since no one told me what was going on, but that's OK. He wants me to take it easy. I want to pick up the house, it's sort of messy. You know I'm going to tidy up. Shhhh.... don't tell him.

OK, enough about my morning. Let's take a looksie at some pictures from my week. I took the J's to the park. Jaden is fearless when it comes to critters. He made me so nervous. I was scared he was going to be attacked by a rabid squirrel. Some of those squirrels will crawl right up your leg to get to a peice of bread. It's skeery.

Both Noah and Jonah had to go to the clinic this week because they hurt themselves. Jonah dropped a soda can on his foot. Noah dropped a drum on his hand. I took them to the Dr. together. Jonah was so stinkin' cute at the Dr.'s office. He loves to go to the Dr. They both got x-ray's and nothing was broken. Jonah's foot got worse before it got better. His toe kept filling up with blood and it was very painful for him. We tried to poke a hole in his nail Friday night. Did you know if you google "blood toe nail" you can actually find instructions on how to drain the blood from a smashed toe?? We were unsuccessful because someone (i'm not naming names) freaked out and acted like we were taking a chain saw to his leg. Yesterday his nail finally exploded (eeewwww!) and now he is much better. That nail is going to fall off though, so i'm sure that will be more grossness we will have to endure. Noah's hand is much better and we didn't even have to lance or stab anything. Woohoo!