Monday, April 13, 2009

Duck, Duck, Chomp

I'm not sure if I'm risking rubber ducky's secret identity, but... Jonah has a duck that is a super hero. He calls him Super Duck. He's even made (or had me and Emma make) paper capes and masks for Super Duck. So when I saw this cute little candy duck I just had to get it for Jonah's Easter Basket.

I noticed after the fact that this yummy little treat was labeled "milk" flavored. Uhhh... what the heck does that mean? I checked the back before I let him eat it and the first ingredient was sugar so I deemed it edible. Sugar is, after all, one of the five basic food groups... isn't it?

Before he indulged in the tasty treat he let Snack Duck and Super Duck get acquainted. They seemed to have an instant connection.

After a few minutes Jones was ready to eat his sweet treat. In a flash he chomped down on Snack Ducks head and a few chews later he announced it tasted like chocolate. I sure wasn't expecting that! A yellow candy duck, advertised as being "milk" flavored, tasted like chocolate? Somehow I doubt it, but I wasn't curious enough to taste for myself so we'll have to take Jonah's word on it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ugly Blog. Cute Kids.

Ohm'gosh - I don't think I can stand this blog layout a minute longer. I hate it. It's time to change it. I would love to make my own but I sure don't have the time to learn how right now. I'll have to look online for something I can live with.

Right now Jonah and Jaden are having a burping contest while I contemplate whether or not I have had any positive influence on them at all.

Jonah got a new bike. He was thrilled. This is a piece I call "Kids On Bikes". It's one heck of a title, bordering on lyrical genius - but not so out there that it confuses the viewer. You should definitely click on this one to see it full size. Emma is looking all "crazy eyes" in the tiny version.

This is fun. I told Em to look "fast", like we were doing an ad for the bike helmet. I'm looking at it now and I'm not getting "fast". It's actually looking pretty darn still. I guess it's time for me to google a tutorial on panning. Don't get your hopes up. I'm convinced it's way too advanced for me.

Here are a few pictures of mostly Jaden playing in the yard yesterday. Everyone else kept disappearing.

That's all for now.....