Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love My Family, But....

You know you're reading something written by a courageous author with a title like that.
It's Saturday night and I'm home alone. Let's say it again "alone". Deep cleansing breath. Ahhhhh.... Yes. I love my family, but let's face it, they're obsessed with me. They always want to be near me and demand my attention all. day. long. The little short ones have co-dependency issues, I'm almost sure of it.
As much as I love them sometimes a girl needs a break. So my fantabulous husband, Lee, took the wee ones to the Monster Jam. I'm trying not to think about what sort of permanent damage this will do to their delicate psyche's. Instead I'm focusing on the silent, peaceful atmosphere that is filling my normally chaotic space. I threw together some homemade mushroom soup, and baked some bread. Comfort in a bowl.
I randomly came across this site called BirthVerse. You put in your birthday and it gives you a bible verse. My verse was Proverbs 8:21 "bestowing wealth on those who love me and making their treasuries full". Hmmm... interesting. It might be time to look in to the whole "name it and claim philosophy". Ah, I jest.
Alright, I'm outta here. I can't spend all of my precious alone time blogging. I think I'll go to Target. Going to Target alone is almost too much fun for me to handle, but I'll manage.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Many of you know I have a Betta, Tabitha, that used to love to do tricks and just hang out with me. She's been sick for quite sometime but she's still hanging on. I read A LOT about what makes Betta's sick and what might make them better. I buy A LOT of different do-dads and medicines. I spend A LOT of time just checking on her and adjusting this and that. She's been on a steady decline and I'm not sure if she's going to make it. I just switched her antibiotic to Tetracycline yesterday. I hope it works!
I'm thinking about renaming her Money Pit, but I don't want to bring her down. I sure wish she could talk and tell me what she needs. Today I had to force feed her bloodworm's. Yum. Tasty snack. She doesn't have much of an appetite so i have to put the worm on the end of a toothpick and chase her around the tank with it until she's so annoyed she chomps on it just to get it to go away. I wonder what choice words she would bubble to me about that if she could?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On this day in 1809 Edgar Allen Poe was born. In honor of this I decided to memorize "The Raven".

Oh my gosh. No I did not. Have you ever read it?? It's so, SO very hard for me to figure out what half the words mean, much less what they mean strung together in a sentence. Baby steps. That's what i need. I'll look up the definitions of the words I don't know. I might even try to work one in to casual conversation today... or this week. Ok, before I die. I'm sure Lee will be familiar with all of them. We all know how he likes to use his big words ::snicker::

surcease, obeisance, beguiling, shorn, craven, dirges, yore, plume, pallid

Ok, i looked all of these up and some of them seem a bit more famililar after reading the definitions but it will be extremely challenging to USE them and not get funny looks. Except for maybe craven. "I was craven pizza so i ordered Dominos." Score! One down....