Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I welcome it, and yet I don't. I love not having to be on a strict schedule. I am however dreading the first "Mom I'm boooooored." Ugh. Not only do I have to cook and clean for the little monsters, now they are going to expect me to entertain them day and night for the next three months. I'm thinking about buying one of those big inflatable water slides to keep the kids busy, i'm just not convinced they won't get tired of it. I'm also a little afraid of how hard it will be to take care of and store. So i'm undecided.... Imagine that.
Great kid quote of the week:

Jonah: "I'm so happy Mommy."

Mom: "You are?"

Jonah: "Yes, you make me so happy."

Awww... So i'm currently looking for this in toddler sizes. JUST KIDDING.... You don't think I'd actually admit to having a favorite do you?

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  1. OMG! I *love* the Mom's Favorite tee -- too funny! Jonah is sooo sweet. I swoon when my kids tell me sweet stuff. Zaida is forever telling me that I'm her best friend or that I'm her favorite mommy (but I always promise I won't tell her other mommies). Hehe! :)
    Give all those awesome kids of yours a kiss from me!