Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Ramblings

I'm so behind on everything. I've got so much to do I can't even think about what to do first. Not fun. Someone needs to send me there life schedule so I can copy it. Oh and I need a housekeeper for Christmas, in case anyone was wondering what to get me ::wink, wink::

I understand that might be a bit much to ask, so i'll settle for a Roomba or Scooba. Maybe you can find a great deal on a bundle pack and get me both! Come on, you know i'm worth it. Remember that time I did that thing for you and you were eternally grateful? No? Keep thinking, maybe it will come to you.

I will soon be taking our annual family photo for our Christmas Card, and I need to take Hannah's Senior pictures. I'm going to take hers and her best friends pictures and I'm looking forward to it. I find it's much easier taking pictures of people that actually stay where you put them and don't spontaneously burst in to tears when forced to stand still.

Here are some pictures I've taken just around the house and at the park the last few weeks. It's nothing special, but it's all i've got. Like I said, I'm behind on everything. I don't have any pictures of Noah. He's not been around when I'm shooting, but I think i'll probably take him along when I take Hannah's pictures so I can take some pictures of him too.

mm-kay.... let's see....

This is Jonah on a pole.

This is Emma leaning on our house.

This is Hannah leaning on our house (being sassy).

This is Jonah and Jaden showing you prime examples of why I'm excited to take Hannah and Noah's pictures.

Jaden hanging out by the pole.

Jaden in one of my favorite Boden outfits. Oh yeah, he said to tell everyone all he wants for Christmas is Mini Boden.

And finally.... Jonah being super cute with his cheesy grin.

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