Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why am I here?

I have a horrible memory. Ask anyone who lives with me. Almost daily I leave a room and by the time I arrive to the next one I find myself questioning why I'm there. And not in a deep, meaningful, purpose of life kind of way either, it's more of an absolute blank brain phenomenon. I hate it. I have to write myself notes to remember what I'm supposed to do tomorrow, or next week or a month from now. I forget where I put the notes and by the time I stumble across them again they are obsolete. If I just met you, you can pretty much bet I've forgotten your name before we even finished with our introductions. It's not because you weren't captivatingly interesting. I just can't absorb a name until I've heard it associated with a person 52 times. Maybe I have a condition. I do have the ability to remember some things, obviously. I don't have to look at the keyboard to type, I can spout out lyrics to a song I haven't heard in 10 years and I can identify the brand of almost all children's clothes without seeing the tag. Some information sticks naturally, which is nice and I'm thankful for the wee bit of brain function I've retained over the years. I'm hopeful that documenting random daily stuff will be useful in two ways.

1.) It will give me something to look back on and remember the wonderful, silly, bazaar, happy, sad, etc. things my family and I have experienced over the years.

2.) To give those of you not lucky enough to witness the daily antics of my life a little glimpse of euphoria. Is it not euphoric? As far as I can recall it is.....

My Lovelies

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  1. i so love you, lady - seriously.
    maybe i should start blogging again. i did it for awhile fairly regularly, but i haven't done it in, oh, eons?
    anyway - i'm glad you remember my name. i must be special. ;)
    good for you, btw, for wanting to do this. i think you'll enjoy it. and you're good at it too! mwah!