Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Emma was in a spelling bee today. She made it through the practice round with ease. Then it was time for the official first round. She was student 24 of 24 students. I watched as kids dropped like flies, one after the other. Poor kids. Then it was finally Emma's turn. I was nervously waiting to hear what her word would be. "Precious" This could be tricky. "P-R-E...." Good start! "S-H-U-S". Uh oh... That's not good. Pardon me, judge? My kid got a hard word. That's not really fair. Can she have a do-over?
Ok, you know I didn't really say that. I was proud of her just for qualifying. You had to be one of the top three spellers in your class just to take the test to see if could be in the bee. That's quite an accomplishment in itself. Oh, and she got a medal and that was enough to satisfy her.

And speaking of "preshus", Jonah made a train out of two boxes and a tote today and he and Jaden played in it for hours. Every time I would say his name he would tell me "Jonah's not here. I'm the conductor." He even called himself (talking in to his hand) and said "Hey Jonah, do you want us to come pick you up?" I think he thought the whole act was convincing me that he really was the conductor. He is such a silly boy.

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