Monday, October 20, 2008

A Homecoming Bri Ha Ha

This past weekend was homecoming weekend for Hannah and Noah's high school. I had this plan to get pictures of everyone before they left but it didn't pan out. It took a lot longer for Hannah to get ready then I thought it was going to (imagine that). And while I was helping Hannah do her hair, Noah got dressed and left to go meet up with his friends.
So here's what I managed to capture....

Bri and "Ha Ha" (that's how Jaden says Hannah, so stinkin' cute) doing their hair.

Then they left, about 45 minutes later then they should have so you know what that means? Yep. No before photos.

Fast forward several hours and they came home and asked me to take some pictures. They were so goofy. They are ALWAYS goofy.

Walking like an Egyptian.


Uhhh... I have no idea.
Don't make the face if you don't want me to take a picture of it. That's all i'm sayin'.
Like I said, just plain goofy.

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