Friday, November 28, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Did Not Shop Black Friday

10. Getting up early makes me tired.

9. I'm extremely inept at prioritizing. I would have never been able to decide where to go first and that would be stressful. Stress is neither holly nor jolly.

8. Pregnant people tend to get swollen ankles if they are on their feet for long periods of time.

(While it's true that I am not pregnant, I would have been in danger of getting stuck in an obscenely long line behind someone that was. I surely would have been at risk of having to watch some poor lady swell up until her feet were hideously disfigured. Imagine the horror....)

7. Cleaning house seemed like a more productive way to spend my time. And by "my time" I also mean my kids time, who just happened to all be home (never happens) so I got out my whip to do list, and gave them all some chores.

6. People are crazy. I'm not just saying that, they really are. A man actually died when he was trampled by people rushing in to a Walmart. That's insane.

7. I didn't have anything to wear. You're probably thinking, "just throw on some sweats and tee and go!" but that would not have been sufficient. I heard on the radio that people shopping in groups were actually planning on sporting coordinating shirts. Matchy-matchy is so "right up my alley", yet I hadn't thought of it. I knew I would feel terrible when I ran in to those fashion savvy folks at the mall so it was best to avoid it altogether.

8. I was holding out for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday just sounds so much cooler then Black Friday, which sounds ominous. Cyber Monday has a cool, smart feel to it. So shopping Cyber Monday seems like the more intelligent choice. Who's with me?

9. Getting up early makes me tired. I know I already mentioned this, but getting up early makes me really, really tired. So it counts twice.

10. I'm broke. Sure, I could have probably charged a bunch of "great deals" but credit is from the Devil. I'm determined to get out of debt and the only way to do that is to not buy stuff.

In the midst of being broke and feeling like I don't have any money, I've realized that even when I'm scaling back and "going without", I have more then I need. I can't help but think about men, women and children all over the world that know what it really means to "go without" the basic necessities. I can't justify going out and spending hundreds of dollars on stuff for my family and friends when none of us really "need" anything. While I don't see myself becoming some radical anti-consumerism advocate, I do see myself being very purposeful about how I spend my money. I can not, however, tell you how to spend your money. So if you we're already planning on getting someone special, like say... me, for instance, something pretty and admittedly frivolous, I won't hold it against you.


  1. Oh, Ste-funny, you are so right, yet again.

    I didn't brave the BF crowds either. So you are not alone. Besides, why get up early to shop when you can stay up late and shop online in the comfort of your jammies?!?!

  2. So tell me why you started at 10 and ended with 10. So you!!! lol I next to never shop Black Friday...can't stand the friction and rush of it all.