Monday, February 16, 2009

much love for the queso

Wow. Jaden was all about the queso last night. It was intended to be eaten on nachos, but he decided to eat it like soup right off the ladle. Yummo.

Got cheese?

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  1. yaaaay - finally getting to read your blog!! it's so fun :) i love these pictures of jaden. too cute! & i know i always say this, but i feel like he looks so much like lee!! those eyes in the last picture - it's so cool :)
    & thanks for the shout out, too! i love that tag you did for emma. that green background is exactly the same as the fabric in her shirt!
    see you guys thursday... i'm looking forward to it - last week was so fun. i loved getting to talk with you & just getting to be a part of your family life!