Friday, February 13, 2009

with love from Emma

I wasn't feeling very creative this year when it came to Emma's Valentine's cards. I even took her to the store and suggested she pick out something cute there, like Camp Rock or Hannah Montana. She wouldn't even entertain the thought. I guess I can't fault her since I'm the one that started the trend of making her personalized cards.

So late Thursday, the night before the the class party I made little picture tags and put them on goody bags. Em picked out these really cute bags with owls on them that say "Owl love you forever"...awwww.

I had my friend Kelly of Alacrity Designs make this cute shirt just for Valentine's day. I saw one like it on Etsy and asked her if she could whip one up and she did lickity split! Be sure to keep her in mind if you *need* any customs.

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