Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On this day in 1809 Edgar Allen Poe was born. In honor of this I decided to memorize "The Raven".

Oh my gosh. No I did not. Have you ever read it?? It's so, SO very hard for me to figure out what half the words mean, much less what they mean strung together in a sentence. Baby steps. That's what i need. I'll look up the definitions of the words I don't know. I might even try to work one in to casual conversation today... or this week. Ok, before I die. I'm sure Lee will be familiar with all of them. We all know how he likes to use his big words ::snicker::

surcease, obeisance, beguiling, shorn, craven, dirges, yore, plume, pallid

Ok, i looked all of these up and some of them seem a bit more famililar after reading the definitions but it will be extremely challenging to USE them and not get funny looks. Except for maybe craven. "I was craven pizza so i ordered Dominos." Score! One down....

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