Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's All Right

Well, i've been slacking on the blogging. Obviously. Most anyone who reads this knows I have a dumb problem going on with my cervical spine, which is a fancy way of saying "neck" apparently. Who knew? I'm sure a lot of people did. I on the other hand, think of an entirely different body part when I hear the word "cervical"... ahem...

S'anyway, I've not been able to take many pictures due to the ol' pain in the neck and it's sort of getting me down. I have realized that I take a lot of things for granted. Like my right hand for instance. I pretty much don't do anything that doesn't involve my trusty right hand. I have a completely new understanding of the phrase "right hand man". I currently have a lot of pain, weakness and numbness in my right hand so he's on light duty. I wonder if he got tired of my lack of appreciation and this is his way of going on strike.

Where my hand has been slacking, my family has definately swooped right in and helped pick it up, the slack that is. Lee has been the pill police and has appointed himself full time Pain Manager. He and the kids have also been wonderful about helping to take care of the house and the J's. I'm very proud of them and I'm soooooo grateful for all of their extra effort.

Here's a pic I snapped of Hannah and Jones the other day. How sweet are they?? I just love it when I catch them loving each other :o) Even better to catch it on 'film'!

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  1. i LOVE that pic of jonah & hannah! how cute is THAT?! and btw i'm sooo happy you're feeling better, but it sucks that you have any pain to begin with! love you oodles, woman!