Friday, February 15, 2008

Tiny Little Drunk People

I've been very tired the last several days. And my back hurts, or my shoulder, or maybe it's my arm. I can't pin point it, but it sure does hurt. Being tired and in pain can make you pretty irritable. It doesn't take much for things to get on my nerves, and I know that so I'm trying to keep myself in check. This morning the J's were being their usual toddler selves and they weren't being *bad* really, but I was being a wee bit short with them. I wondered why thier usual antics would bug me so much and I had a revelation. They act like tiny little drunk people.
They were hanging all over me, totally invading my personal space. I tried to pry them off of me but they were relentless. Jonah wanted "something" but it was almost impossible to understand him because he was mumbling and slurring his speech. He then became irate because I'm not a mind reader and he took off crying and running towards the fridge. Jaden followed and they both ended up stumbling and falling over each other. After exchanging a few shoves back and forth they finally made it to the kitchen. Jonah wanted ice cream and when I refused to serve him he got mad and started pitching a fit. Does this scene remind anyone else of an encounter with an inebriated induvidual? I'll admit, it's amusing sometimes, especially when I'm not feeling tired and achy. But today I was SO glad when it was nap time and my "tiny little drunk people" finally passed out.


  1. Stephanie,
    You crack me up! And you are so right. Tiny little drunk people, ROFLMBO! And they are worse when they know that you are feeling badly. It's as if they are drawn to you, to see what they can do to make you blow.


  2. Tiny little drunk people, huh?! I think you're on to something!
    That's hilarious!