Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Valentine's Cards....

After spending a day or two not looking at the pictures of Jonah, I realized there were a few that I could use to make a card. I think a lot of times I have this idea of what I want and if I don't capture it I think I need to scrap all the pic's. I'll come back to the pictures after some time has passed and see them differently. I'm weird like that. So Jonah has a card!
I did Jadens over because I didn't like the way his sock monkey was being a copy catter in the first one. They were both sitting in the wagon in the exact same way. If he would have just held the sock monkey, maybe even hugged him... anything other then angrily rejecting him and tossing him across the room, it would have made my job much easier. So which one do you like better? Ugly greyish sock monkey card or blue sock monkey card?

Here are a few more from Jonah's session. I considered the first one for his card, but I couldn't think of anything clever to say with it. He's looking off to the side so I didn't think it worked for a card that is meant to tell someone you love them. I think eye contact is pretty important in a declaration of ones affection.

I love that second one. It wasn't until days later that I realized what he was telling me when I was taking it. He kept saying "I'm Superman!" and doing that thing with his hand. I was like "OK, you're Superman. Look over here Superman." What he was doing was making SPIDERMAN hands. How cute is he?? I love him ::big throbbing heart::

Oh and just a side note: That cute little fish bowl of candy hearts met it's demise. It lasted about a day and half. The boys noticed it on the kitchen counter and tried to get it down. I heard the loud smash of glass and I was so scared they were going to slice their feet on it. It's a miracle they didn't have a scratch on them, especially considering they must have thought it was opposite day. No matter how many times I said "DON'T MOVE!", they just kept scampering back and forth across the kitchen floor. I guess glass is no obstacle for a man of steel.

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