Sunday, May 25, 2008

Number 9, number 9, number 9.....

Yes indeed! Emma turned 9. We didn't have a big party because, well... quite frankly it was because the party theme she picked (glow in the dark) really stumped me. I could never figure out exactly how to do it and then before I knew it my time was up. I told her we would do a big blow out for her decade birthday next year.
She finally got Heeley's. She has been asking for them for so long but I put it off. They sort of freak me out, plus when I see kids out and about in them they are usually being inconsiderate so I just wasn't feeling the Heeley love. She also got a Wii, but it was kind of a group gift that we just happened to give the kids on her birthday.
We took the kids to IT'Z. Oh my goodness. I did not like that place. If I had a notepad I could have spent hours writing up safety violations. It was a mess! Everyone else loved it. There was a lot to do. They even have a tiny roller coaster and a spinning, make you vomit, my worst nightmare ride. Emma was all about that one!

That's two down, three to go as far as kid birthdays are concerned. Jaden's is next month and I haven't even thought about what we are going to do yet.....

Heeley Happiness.

Hannah and Jones on the "roller coaster"

He made a basket!

She's got her game face on. Look at that form!

The girls with the creepy psychic guy ::shiver::

Do you think she likes it??

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