Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today Jonah went to the doctor to have his ears checked. He seems to be having difficulty hearing so I decided to get it checked out. I totally didn't expect it, but he has an ear infection in his right ear. I asked him if it hurts and he said no. Hmmm... odd that. Anyway, he also has a good amount of wax built up in his left ear. He is on antibiotics and some anti wax drops and he's going back in a month to be evaluated. If I still feel like he's having trouble hearing they are going to do a hearing test. I'm praying that once his infection and the wax are gone that he will be good as new. His constant "Huh? What? What Mom?.... I can't heeeaaarrrr you." is getting old.

On a brighter note, Monday was a day of celebration at our house. Jones made a major life decision, all on his own, in true big boy fashion. We were having a casual conversation about whatever was on his mind and he told me his teeth were getting bigger. It's true, he made me look at them at least a dozen times and they are definately bigger, although they are not bigger then a breadbox, which is good. I mentioned that his big teeth were the reason a lot of his suckers (pacifiers) were breaking. He used the Soothie kind that hospitals give babies when they are born. They are the complete opposite of orthodontically friendly. His teeth are pretty messed up from them, but when we tried to take them away a few months ago he fell in to a dark depression. He quit sleeping and eating and he wanted to wear black all the time. We caved and gave them back to him. So on Monday, after our chat, I went to take a bath and he spent a good 30 minutes walking back and forth to the mirror. He would yank his lips out and examine his teeth, ask me if I thought they were bigger, back to the mirror to see them once again with his own eyes, then mumble to himself about his teeth being bigger. Finally he said, "I'm going to throw my suckers in the trash. Ok Mom?" I played it cool, like I didn't care either way. I didn't really think he would go through with it, but if he did I wanted it to be all his idea. Off he went and that was that. They are gone. He's talked about them a few times, but he's sleeping and eating and still dressing very fashionabley so I think he's going to be fine. I'm sure my "Let them suck a sucker until they decide they are done with it" technique won't win me any Mother of the Year awards, but it worked for us.

And how cute is this?? Jones drinking some Jones. LOL!

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